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1xBet casino games are popular with fans all over the world despite the increasing number of online casinos. Actually, it is not a big surprise as the company provides them with great conditions for enjoying favorite games. There is everything a person needs to have a good time. Casino bonuses are worth a separate article to talk about. So if you are planning to become one of the live casino players then read a detailed review of 1xBet casino games.

1xBet can boast a wide variety of popular slots. Besides, there is a casino that operates in real-time. So, every user may earn some money not only enjoying sports betting but playing on slot machines. No matter whether you are experienced bettor or a newcomer, a definite strategy is very significant. First of all, select where you will play. Can’t decide? Consider this overview of 1xBet casino games.

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The Conditions of Getting 1xBet Casino Bonus

No matter what live slot games you are going to try, there is an excellent opportunity to get a €130 bonus. However, pay attention that such reward is credited only to bettors who have a fully completed profile. Besides, the phone number must be activated before completing the bonus wagering requirements to obtain free spins. Mind getting 1xBet casino bonus is impossible if you:

  1. Switched between various types of slots bonuses.
  2. Received other types of prize.
  3. Chose a bonus type.
  4. Rejected online casino bonuses.

Besides, the deposit bonus will not be granted in case a previous one is under the process of being paid off. It means first you need to fulfil the conditions of it and only then get another one. 1xBet casino bonus funds can be withdrawn only if the reward rollover is completed. Be attentive not to lose your €130 bonus and make sure the account balance is higher than the minimum stake sum. All in all, such a pleasant offer will make the process of playing favorite slots casino even more exciting.

How to find games and 1xBet online casino

How to find games and 1xBet online casino

Do you want to use a 1xBet casino bonus? You can find the game you are interested in and do it. This is a quick guide to find the slot you need:

  1. Go to the website of the bookmaker. Log in there.Hint: 1xBet slot machines are available through an alternate address – current mirrors.
  2. Open the “Slots” in the upper panel, or “Live-casinos” section.

No matter what section you select you can look for 1xBet casino games both at the very top and in the panel located on the left of the website. Sort available games by offered filters like providers. Pay attention to important lists. One of them is called “Favorites” and here you can add games you like. The next list includes the machines you played for the last time. Decide which category you need and open it.

It is noteworthy that you can play 1xBet casino games not only on the website on PC but also on mobile apps on mobile versions of the site.

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1xBet Poker: The Main Features

Most people who visit casino sites first of all check whether there are classic slots online as well as poker games. So 1xBet poker is very popular with visitors from Bangladesh.

Poker is known to be a traditional card game. Players need to collect winning combinations having two cards in the hands and five cards on the table. Specialists of the company realize the demand for mobile slots and paid great attention to this kind of traditional entertainment . They added 44 slots that are dedicated to 1xBet poker.  Among them are poker Сarribean, Texas Holdem, a few types of joker poker, oasis poker (several series), all aces poker, etc. Moreover, the devs  decorated all of them differently. For instance, in deuces, wild, there is a minimalistic interface. Users should not expect anything awesome.  As for oasis poker, the design is brighter.

The process of using 1xBet poker looks like this:

  1. Choose the value of the coin and the parameters of the hand.
  2. Click the “Submit” button.
  3. In some games, your cards will only be issued after the first five cards on the table. Then you need to leave some cards on the table (click the “Leave” button next to them). After that, click “Hand over” again. If there are combinations, you win.

Mind important points of 1xBet poker:

  • The game is available only for auto-logged in users.
  • If you have no account yet and get a €130 bonus, choose, for example, simple and easy registration is 1 click. It is enough to indicate the country of living and the currency account.
  • The customer can choose 2 types of desks in 1xBet poker: real money (bets are made in the currency of the user) or virtual (mostly free) coins.
  • The game is played through an in-game account.
  • Rake = 1% of the profits received by the customer when playing for a specific table. 1xbet takes a rake when exiting from the table.
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Where to Find 1xBet Roulette

Where to Find 1xBet Roulette

Do you want to try 1xBet roulette? Roulette is a game where there is a wheel with numbers and colors, on which the ball is thrown (it falls on a certain number with color), and the player pre-sets the number and/or color. If the choice of the player and the ball matches, the player wins.

Roulette slot machines are very popular. There are currently 88 such slots. The 1xBet roulette game process looks like this:

  1. Select the chips and put them on the option that, in your opinion, can win on the table.
  2. Click the “Play” button or something like that.
  3. If you guessed right, the prize would be credited to your account.

At this popular platform, you will find 1xBet roulette in several categories at once:

  • In the reel slots: “European Roulette”, “The French Roulette, Low American with a reduced limit as well as others.
  • In live drive casino, where you can have fun with real dealers.
  • In “TV-games” – online entertainment in real-time, in which winnings take place every 2-3 minutes.
  • In games (1XGAMES) – 1xBet casino games where the minimum transaction amount will attract you.

Before you start playing it, you need to know the rules and understand the principle of the game. If you play in a real casino, then the wrong bets will simply not be accepted and if you thought about betting on a number the winning one would be very offensive when in 1xBet Roulette, the ball lands on your bet that you didn’t accept. So make sure you understand the rules and only then start playing. Usually, using the slot is quite easy. But if you have some problems, don’t be shy and apply for a customer support service.

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Useful Tips on 1xBet Blackjack

1xBet Roulette is not the only popular request at the platform. Blackjack is a very popular and simple card game, where the goal is to win the dealer by points, which are determined depending on the value of the cards. Currently, there are 117 slot machines in 1xBet. These are all kinds of classic Blackjack, perfect pairs, Blackjack single deck, etc.

Before starting to play 1xBet Blackjack, make sure you fully understand the rules. There are 4 packs, each of which has 52 cards. The goal of American Blackjack is to score 21 points or a number close to it, which will be more than that of the dealer. If the number of your points is much larger, you are automatically eliminated from the game. If there are fewer cards, you will be the winner of 1xBet Blackjack. The combination of Blackjack is stronger, which consists of an ace and tens.

Winning strategies

Useful Tips on 1xBet Blackjack

Blackjack, like other table games casino, has its own methods, thanks to which the probability of winning will double. To get an idea of the game, check out the most effective ways to help you win:

  • “Harassment” – the user needs to choose the minimum and maximum rates of 1xBet Blackjack. In case of victory, the reward will be 10% of the bankroll in one hand. In case of defeat – only 1 % of the contribution.
  • “Doubling” – in its scheme resembles Martingale, but still there are some differences. Its meaning is to double the amount after the defeat and invest the same funds again.
  • System “1-3-2-6” – if the card goes and you become a winner of the 1xBet Blackjack game, your contribution should be increased several times. If you spend your money while using casino software correctly, then victory will be on your side.
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How to Withdraw Money

As the practice shows, bettors can get money from roulette table games and other 1xBet casino games quickly. You need to wait for 15 minutes to get them on e-wallets. The process of withdrawing funds to bank cards can last up to 7 days. Mind, operations on crediting to a bank account are carried out only on business days. Therefore, if funds do not arrive for a long time on weekends and holidays, wait a few more days.

The company attracts the attention of players with a 1xBet casino bonus program that includes more than ten offers. When replenishing the initial deposit, the administration presents a bonus of €130 to customers. Each must contain at least 3 events with odds of 1.40 or more.

Other bonuses are periodic or one-time. They relate to bets not only on sporting events but also on events from politics, show business. You can use rewards both for games and for the purchase of promotional codes. The terms of the 1xBet casino bonus program in each case are different. To transfer bonuses to real money slots, you should carefully study the rules of the office.Get free bonus

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